HIV: Single-Tablet Combination Therapy and Patient Weight

hiv single tablet combination therapy and patient weight

Sumary of HIV: Single-Tablet Combination Therapy and Patient Weight:

  • Grace McComsey, MD, FIDSA: Todd, we talked about darunavir, COBI [cobicistat], TAF [tenofovir alafenamide] FDC [fixed-dose combination], a newer, single pill that has a lot of advantages.
  • Whether people are switching, what they’re switching from to an integrase inhibitor, or in trials that have compared integrase inhibitors to other regimens, what the comparison regimen is.
  • Grace McComsey, MD, FIDSA: This potentially provides a non-CNS [central nervous system] toxicity drug with potential benefit of weight gain.
  • John Koethe, MD: Grace, one other thing that will be coming out soon, and what caught the attention of the field in terms of the cobicistat, boosted darunavir with TAF [tenofovir alafenamide] as a potential drug for switch or for prevention of weight gain, was really 2 things.
  • But it’s also lower than the approximately 3 kg that were reported in some of the pooled clinical trials data published in Clinical Infectious Diseases in 2020 for the newer generation integrase inhibitors.

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