How Can Family Cope When a Loved One is Severely Injured

how can family cope when a loved one is severely injured

If there are people in the world who wouldn’t turn their back on us, that would definitely be our family. Our family has been our ultimate supporters since we took our first steps towards exploring the complex reality of life. They never got tired of supporting us in every way they can, just to see us happy and successful in whatever undertaking we choose to take.

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Being with our loved ones during the good times is absolutely one of those moments that we hope to last. Yet, we know that it is not the case based on our real-time experience. Seeing a loved one suffer from chronic illness, depression, severe injuries, and all other possible causes are not only tormenting, but also makes us question ourselves of what we can do to best help them.

Coping Ways When a Loved One is Suffering

Even in this unfortunate situation, know that you are not completely hopeless. Just like in the famous line, “there’s a rainbow always after the rain,” you too can rise above this tight situation you’re facing.

Here are some of the coping ways that can work best for you and your family when a loved one is in a suffering condition:

Learn to Relax

Relaxing given your present predicament is not that easy to do. But, taking a few moments to relax can help you be more prepared for the things that you need to do. Relaxation techniques such as focusing on your breathing, repeating words or phrases bearing positive meanings or imagery, or breathing deeply can help your body and mind become calmer and more relaxed. Doing these techniques the first few times may not immediately give you the result you’re hoping for. But don’t give up just yet because

Seek Help from Professionals

While every situation is different, there are really some cases that are way more painful than the others, just like traumatic brain injury or TBI. Car accidents and falls are the most common causes of brain injuries. If you believe that your loved one is an accident victim, and you want to get justice and compensation for the sustained injuries, catastrophic injury lawyers are the right people to consult. They have the experience and resources to fully investigate the case.

Genuine Communication

If someone you dearly love is severely injured, it would surely be a distressing time for everyone in the family, especially if you have minimal information or control over the situation. Aside from feeling more stressed, family members may also experience other feelings such as guilt, fear, and loneliness. This is where communication becomes very crucial. You need to listen, be genuine, and believe in whatever everyone is saying.

Engage in Social Activities

For most family members, life is not anymore the same after a loved one is in anguish state. But this doesn’t mean, however, that you should shut people out from your life because that is definitely not helping. Participate in support groups, socialize with friends on a weekly basis, go shopping and buy goods at the grocery, plan a weekend trip with workmates, and any activity you can think of to clear your head from all the worries.


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Dealing with severe pain can both be overwhelming for patients and those who care for them. Before the burden becomes too great, never hesitate to take the initiative of doing the things that will help you cope when a loved one is suffering. The more involved you get, the less helpless you will feel.

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