How Kevin prepares NRL stars for battle

how kevin prepares nrl stars for battle

Sumary of How Kevin prepares NRL stars for battle:

  • Kevin Toonen uses his military experience to help train Sydney Roosters players — and he reveals three core functions which help us live longer, healthier lives.
  • What you might not know, as you watch the Sydney Roosters edge closer to a possible NRL title this month, is that the club has a secret weapon that helps its players be the fittest, strongest and toughest they can possibly be.
  • Man mountain Kevin Toonen, all tree-trunk legs and bulging, tattooed biceps, is the club’s head of strength.
  • Having spent 18 years in the Australian military – several of them as the Special Air Service’s high-performance coach, where he pushed soldiers to their physical and mental limits — Toonen knows plenty about inflicting pain.
  • “We know that movement creates a better emotional state and allows for a more positive thought process,” Toonen says.
  • Toonen tells Health Hacker that we should all be focusing on three core functions when we’re training, which he says are critical in helping us live longer, healthier lives.
  • “I keep in mind the three things that shape your overall mortality rate – grip strength, leg strength and agility,” he says.
  • ” Kevin Toonen on …The best advice he ever received“It was to always learn and ask why.

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