How much longer do we need to wait for Australia to implement a sugary drinks tax?


Sumary of How much longer do we need to wait for Australia to implement a sugary drinks tax?:

  • This time, the proposed tax is a key part of the AMA blueprint to make Australia the healthiest country in the world..
  • The strong call for a sugary drinks tax echoes the concerted campaign by 2020 Australian of the Year, Dr James Muecke..
  • And it follows years of advocacy from public health groups and think tanks that have long-argued the many potential benefits of a sugary drinks tax for Australia..
  • Let ‘declare war on type 2 diabetes’ – Australian of the year James Muecke on why we need to cut back on sugar What does the evidence say?.
  • A sugary drinks tax is consistently identified as a critical part of efforts to improve our diets and prevent obesity..
  • There is strong evidence linking sugary drink consumption to a range of negative health effects including tooth decay, excess weight gain, and increased risk of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes..
  • International evidence clearly shows sugary drinks taxes are effective in reducing consumption of the taxed products..
  • Available evaluations have also consistently shown taxes on sugary drinks lead to increases in purchases of untaxed drinks, particularly bottled water….

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