How the political parties are addressing Canada’s overdose crisis

how the political parties are addressing canadas overdose crisis

Sumary of How the political parties are addressing Canada’s overdose crisis:

  • Most of Canada’s main federal parties have voiced support during the election campaign for removing criminal penalties for simple drug possession and offering safer alternatives to street-level drugs as overdose deaths reach record-high levels across the country.
  • While no party has made the overdose crisis a focus, the NDP and Greens have included decriminalization and safe supply in their platforms.
  • “I’d issue a really significant caution against adopting the (Conservative) platform as national policy.
  • Hundreds of deaths More than 2,500 Albertans have died by accidental drug overdoses since the province’s United Conservative Party took power in April 2019 and implemented a recovery-based approach to the opioid crisis.
  • Under Premier Jason Kenney, Alberta has limited access to a life-saving opioid dependency program and supervised drug-use sites.
  • A spokesman for the federal Conservatives said in a statement that the opioid crisis is a national emergency that has robbed too many Canadians of their lives and devastated too many families.
  • “That’s why Canada’s Conservatives will treat the opioid epidemic as the urgent health issue that it is,” said Mathew Clancy.
  • ” The party also plans to expand distribution of naloxone, a medicine used to temporarily reverse overdoses, and enhance culturally appropriate treatment services for Indigenous communities.

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