Huge Alzheimer’s breakthrough as ‘spectacular’ vaccine REVERSES memory loss

huge alzheimers breakthrough as spectacular vaccine reverses memory loss

Sumary of Huge Alzheimer’s breakthrough as ‘spectacular’ vaccine REVERSES memory loss:

  • (Image: )Previous research has focused on targeting clusters, or plaques, of amyloid beta protein that form in the brain and are thought to drive the disease.
  • They created an antibody treatment and vaccine which were able to halt the disease, reduce plaque formation and even restore memory and nerve cell function during trials in mice.
  • Professor Mark Carr, an expert in structural and chemical biology at the University of Leicester, said: “The results are truly spectacular.
  • ”Amyloid beta naturally exists as flexible, string-like molecules in solution, which can join together to form fibres and plaques.
  • In recent decades, most experimental treatments have focused on trying to clear plaques from the brain.
  • New research offers hope that the disease could one day be stopped in its tracks.
  • (Image: Getty Images)Professor Thomas Bayer, from the University Medical Center Göttingen, said none had much success in reducing symptoms so his team took a different approach.
  • He said: “We identified an antibody in mice that would neutralise the truncated forms of soluble amyloid beta, but would not bind either to normal forms of the protein or to the plaques.

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