Human tissue xenografts in murine models for the study of SARS-CoV-2

human tissue xenografts in murine models for the study of sars cov 2

Sumary of Human tissue xenografts in murine models for the study of SARS-CoV-2:

  • For the most part, however, the virus is barely noticeable or only mild among the young and healthy, suggesting that the route and intensity of an immune response could determine the severity of the disease.
  • Animal models have done much to aid our understanding of disease progression and immune response, though differences between animal and human phenotype limit the applicability of such studies.
  • In a paper recently uploaded to the preprint server bioRxiv* by Kenney et al.
  • (July 19th, 2021), mice bearing human fetal lung tissue xenografts are explored for their applicability to SARS-CoV-2 disease research, with potentially significant findings regarding the cause and characteristics of a well-regulated interferon response.
  • Human tissue xenografts The research group generated mice grafted with human fetal lung tissue (FLT), and further grafted with human hematopoietic components or not.
  • Analysis observed infiltration of murine blood vessels into the tissue in the days following, without any evidence of poor health.
  • Upon viral challenge, 67.14% of the cellular content of the tissue was human, around half of which were epithelial cells, with most of the murine component being myeloid cells.
  • In addition, the group note a human hematopoietic compartment within the tissue containing a myeloblast progenitor and lymphoid cluster, which produce immune factors such as CD8+ T cells, was also present.

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