In today’s episode of weird science, study says people with larger thighs may have a low risk of h …

Yes, science is at times way too weird and when you read this research you might end up saying – What? Really! 

Well, we all like lean and long legs? Apparently, we can’t make them any longer but all of us are doing whatever it takes to keep them in shape. And if you are one of them then this research might make you go bonkers. The news is that lean thigh are not the ultimate mark for being healthy.   

A new finding published in the journal Endocrine Connections suggests that a larger thigh circumference may be associated with lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease in obese people.

The findings also suggest that carrying more weight on the thighs may be a marker of better heart health in Chinese obese and overweight people, who are at a greater risk of heart disease. Told yeah!

You need to pay attention to your heart health as your life can be at stake! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

People with higher thigh circumference have a lower prevalence of high BP
Thigh circumference may be useful for targeting obese and overweight people for earlier detection of high blood pressure, Ait said.

According to the researchers, high blood pressure is a major public health problem affecting more than 1 billion people worldwide and is the leading cause of mortality and disability globally.

For the results, Dr Zhen Yang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China investigated the association between thigh circumference and blood pressure in a population of 9,250 Chinese men and women aged 40 or older, of which 5,348 were overweight and obese, and 4,172 were normal weight.

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