Institutional environments trap disabled geoscientists between a rock and a workplace


Sumary of Institutional environments trap disabled geoscientists between a rock and a workplace:

  • Anya Lawrence, a disabled early career researcher in the University of Birmingham’s School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science and author of the piece says:.
  • My aim, in writing this article, was to capture some of the shared difficulties that disabled geoscientists experience, particularly struggles that may be less obvious or less apparent at a surficial level, but are significant nonetheless..
  • Likewise, ‘feeling sorry’ and showing pity for disabled colleagues could seem well-meaning but just serves to reinforce negative stereotypes towards disability.”.
  • “Although I have encountered many hurdles myself, I am very fortunate in that I have an amazingly supportive supervisor and head of school and also my parents who everyday face the challenge of caring for a disabled child with nothing but great courage and selflessness..
  • I realise that so many disabled researchers just don’t have this kind of close support network and are quite isolated and alone in academia.”.
  • Another potential initiative outlined in the article is increased collaborative research involving mixed groups of disabled and non-disabled geoscientists..
  • “Collaborating with other geoscientists without disabilities or with different disabilities to me has been really beneficial not only at a personal level but for the research itself,”.
  • I have been prompted to try new methods and analytical techniques, publish my findings in outlets I hadn’t even heard of and think critically about my research at every stage of the process — all of which wouldn’t have been possible had I kept going it alone.”…

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