Is it happiness or fear? Why some screams may confuse us


Sumary of Is it happiness or fear? Why some screams may confuse us:

  • Share on PinterestNew research explains why we may easily mistake screams of happiness for screams of fear.Leland Bobbe/Getty Images While most animals only scream when attacked, humans express a variety of emotions through screams..
  • Researchers have found that variations in timbre and frequency allow screams to express anger, frustration, pain, surprise, fear, and happiness..
  • A new study from researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, explores this capability and finds there is one significant exception, however..
  • These include screams from actors in horror movies as well as the unrehearsed cries of ordinary people responding to actual events in their lives..
  • The researchers have identified the screaming timbres and pitches that have associations with different emotions..
  • The team chose recordings based on their sound quality, for example, minimal noise or no overlapping sounds, and their ability to convey emotion…

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