Is your N95-style mask failing you? Lab tests show some falling way short of filtration standards


Sumary of Is your N95-style mask failing you? Lab tests show some falling way short of filtration standards:

  • That has some people reaching for N95-style respirators that promise to filter at least 95 per cent of airborne particles..
  • The imported equivalents include the KN95 respirator, which meets the Chinese standard of 95 per cent filtration efficiency and the KF94, which meets the Korean standard of 94 per cent filtration efficiency..
  • However, as demand for these masks has grown, so has the presence of counterfeits and poor-quality respirators in Canadian stores..
  • To find out how much Canadians can trust what they’re buying, CBC’s Marketplace tested 14 KN95 and KF94 respirator brands purchased from Amazon and big box stores..
  • According to emergency room physician Dr. Jay Park of San Diego, Calif., it depends on who is using the mask and the level of protection they need or want..
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, Park has been working to verify the authenticity and quality of N95-style respirators destined for hospitals..
  • “The respirators on the low end of the test results may provide a similar level of protection to many cloth masks,” said Park..
  • Instead, he said to buy directly from the source or companies with a history in selling personal protective equipment (PPE)..
  • Some manufacturers also sell directly to consumers, including Canadian companies that have recently been ramping up production of N95-style respirators..
  • Health Canada and the United States Food and Drug Administration had temporarily authorized the sale of some KN95 and KF94 respirators during the pandemic..
  • (CBC) Some of the products Marketplace purchased arrived in unmarked packaging or in boxes that did not include the manufacturer’s name and address…

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