Kenya: Bomet School’s Teaching Model Embraces Needs of Locals

Sumary of Kenya: Bomet School’s Teaching Model Embraces Needs of Locals:

  • Saseta Girls High School in Bomet County has embraced a teaching and training model that reaches out beyond its classrooms and perimeter wall..
  • Located in an agriculturally highly endowed zone, the school seeks to have an impact on the surrounding community, especially in the adoption of modern farming techniques for commercial food production..
  • The school has opened its doors to parents and the local community for benchmarking, and its students use the projects for practical lessons in agriculture and science..
  • Because classrooms are separate from the three projects, groups can visit the school at any time without interfering with learning..
  • “Besides being a unique income-generating [venture] for the school, (the fish pond) has been very helpful to the learning institutions from the region, including Konoin Technical Training Institute, because we open our doors for their use as a learning resource.”.
  • Students from neighbouring schools have also used the aquaculture and greenhouse projects for learning during benchmarking trips..
  • Manure from the dairy unit is used on the school farm for growing bananas, cabbages, kales, spinach, capsicum, carrots, maize, and traditional vegetables including isaget, isyoiyot, kelichek..
  • Students have come to embrace the project, with many saying they are keen to start small income-generating projects back home and for subsistence….

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