Kenya: Family Planning Uptake in W. Pokot Rising but Culture Still Impeding Progress

Sumary of Kenya: Family Planning Uptake in W. Pokot Rising but Culture Still Impeding Progress:

  • Only three of every 10 women in West Pokot County use modern contraceptives for family planning, a new survey has shown..
  • The study by the International Centre for Reproductive Health shows that while the uptake in West Pokot has increased from 13 per cent in 2013 to the current 26 per cent, it is still low compared with other counties..
  • The low uptake has been blamed on low literacy levels and traditional cultural beliefs that hamper the efforts of women who desire to practise family planning..
  • Thousands of girls and women in the county are still being denied access to contraceptives as the community holds on to the cultural belief that the more children a woman has, the more respected she will be..
  • Some see childbearing as commensurate with dowry payments, with family planning frowned upon for the same reason..
  • Among those who have embraced family planning, the study showed, the preferred method is injectables and implants..
  • “The use of contraceptives in the county has improved due to community health volunteer’s involvement that contribute towards mobilising the community to seek family planning services from the facilities,”.
  • “In addition, we have had on-job training for healthcare providers on Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC), and Postpartum Family Planning (PPFP) and have integrated family planning with other services offered at the facility.”…

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