Kenya: How UON-Based Centre Helps Government Manage Covid-19


Sumary of Kenya: How UON-Based Centre Helps Government Manage Covid-19:

  • Measures adopted to fight Covid-19 are not based on fabricated data but on an ongoing analysis of cases reported by the Ministry of Health and sent to a modelling centre at the University of Nairobi (UoN)..
  • Speaking at the official launch of CEMA yesterday, acting health Director-General Dr Patrick Amoth acknowledged that the centre’s team has helped save thousands of lives by crafting interventions that apply to Kenyan citizens..
  • Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha, who was also at the launch, lauded the initiative for having a local team as analysts of local data especially in a public health emergency that needs rapid response..
  • Managing a public health emergency of such proportions calls for a lot of sobriety in making rapid and meaningful decisions,”.
  • This is because the government intervened and enforced public health measures that reduced transmission of the disease,”.
  • Dr Loice Ombajo, an infectious-disease specialist who is in charge of CEMA’s clinical research advisory group, told the Nation that the patterns from the data analysed at the centre are used to extract important information about Covid-19..
  • We also look at the clinical data of patients such as those that have symptoms and those without, those with pre-existing conditions, and the very severe cases,”.
  • Addressing the issue of late reports from the Health ministry, she said deaths linked to Covid-19 are only reported after a positive test has been confirmed….

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