Ketorolac implant has potential to disrupt NSAID delivery in cataract surgery


Sumary of Ketorolac implant has potential to disrupt NSAID delivery in cataract surgery:

  • AMELIA ISLAND, Florida — A new intraoperative ketorolac delivery device has the potential to disrupt NSAID delivery in cataract surgery, according to a presenter here..
  • The OcuRing-K is a bioerodible steroid-sparing implant that is affixed to the IOL haptic before implantation and elutes ketorolac for 2 weeks to control pain and inflammation following surgery, according to Mandell..
  • “The OcuRing-K has the potential to expand the NSAID market by avoiding the side effects of topical NSAIDs,”.
  • Mandell shared drawbacks of topical NSAIDs, such as delayed healing, the potential for corneal melts and incompatibility for patients with comorbidities such as diabetes or dry eye disease, which comprises more than 30% of the cataract surgery candidate population..
  • The OcuRing-K sits inside the eye to avoid topical NSAID side effects, as well as patient compliance issues with controlled drug delivery, he said..
  • The device can be affixed to the haptic of any standard IOL, and no modification of IOL implantation technique is required….

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