Later school start times linked to fewer car crashes involving teens


Sumary of Later school start times linked to fewer car crashes involving teens:

  • Delaying school start times by slightly more than an hour led to fewer instances of teenagers driving while drowsy and fewer motor vehicle accidents involving younger drivers, researchers reported at SLEEP..
  • Previous research has demonstrated the benefits of pushing back school start times, including increased academic engagement, fewer migraine days and a lower risk for obesity among students..
  • Data presented at SLEEP indicated that later school start times resulted in fewer drowsy drivers and car crashes involving teens..
  • The analysis showed that, overall, 29.3% of students reported driving while drowsy in the school year before the change in start time, compared with 20.3% of students in the school year when the time change was enforced and 23.7% in the school year after the time change..
  • However, the students who said they had fewer than 8 hours of sleep reported driving while drowsy more frequently across this same timespan (P scores ranged from <.
  • Although crash rates did not differ between Arapahoe County and the other counties in the year before the change in start time, crash rates were significantly lower in Arapahoe County during the other two studied time periods (P scores chronologically = .048 and .046)..
  • In addition, there was no significant difference in morning crash rates per hour among all counties in the school year before the time change, but during the two other studied time periods, morning accident rates peaked an hour earlier in other counties vs….

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