Leading organizations announce funding for small-scale pilot dementia-related projects

leading organizations announce funding for small scale pilot dementia related projects

Sumary of Leading organizations announce funding for small-scale pilot dementia-related projects:

  • Over the past five years, three leading organizations-;the Alzheimer’s Association, Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI), and the UK-based Alzheimer’s Society-;have united to address global challenges in dementia through a competitive funding program for emerging leaders in brain health and dementia.
  • Today, the organizations announced the latest recipients of the Pilot Awards for Global Brain Health Leaders, which supports and develops small-scale pilot projects aimed at reducing the scale and impact of dementia across the world.
  • , Alzheimer’s Association chief science officer The 2021 awards will drive projects that address disparities in dementia diagnosis, treatment, and care for vulnerable populations and their families.
  • however, according to the 2020 Lancet Commission on dementia prevention, intervention and care, up to 40% of cases could potentially be prevented by public health and lifestyle interventions.
  • “Across the world someone develops dementia every three seconds,” said Richard Oakley, PhD, Head of Research at Alzheimer’s Society.
  • Supporting initiatives like this will help to ensure everyone can access a dementia diagnosis as well as treatments and support across the globe.
  • ” Related StoriesSeveral Pilot Award projects focus on the social determinants of health-;or the social factors that affect the health of an individual-;like physical activity, social support, and communication.
  • These include a study of the role of social interaction and physical activity in brain health in people with frontotemporal dementia in India, a brain health navigation social support initiative in England, and an international network for language assessment across neural disorders in Latin America.

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