Low-Dose CT Scans Can Diagnose Appendicitis

Sumary of Low-Dose CT Scans Can Diagnose Appendicitis:

  • 15, 2021 — CT scans expose patients to radiation even as they help doctors spot serious health problems.
  • Now a new study finds low-dose scans can readily spot appendicitis while reducing patients’ radiation exposure.
  • Low-dose CT scans were conducted on 53% of the patients and 47% received standard-dose CT scans.
  • The overall accuracy in identifying patients with and without acute appendicitis was 98% with low-dose CT and 98.5% with standard-dose CT.
  • The accuracy for differentiating between uncomplicated and complicated acute appendicitis was 90.3% with low-dose CT and 87.6% with standard-dose CT, the researchers said.
  • The findings show that low-dose and standard-dose CT scans are equally accurate in identifying appendicitis and in distinguishing between serious cases requiring surgery and those that can be treated with antibiotics alone, according to the authors of the study published Nov.

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