Macrophages can aid tumor growth by distracting cancer-killing CD8+ T cells


Sumary of Macrophages can aid tumor growth by distracting cancer-killing CD8+ T cells:

  • A Ludwig Cancer Research study adds to growing evidence that immune cells known as macrophages inhabiting the body cavities that house our vital organs can aid tumor growth by distracting the immune system’s cancer-killing CD8+ T cells..
  • “We believe T-cells that infiltrate the peritoneal cavity can be distracted by the interaction with Tim-4-expressing macrophages,”.
  • explained study first author Andrew Chow, an assistant attending physician at the Ludwig Collaborative Laboratory at MSK..
  • The researchers also show that blocking Tim-4 in mouse models of cancer can prevent this distractive interaction and enhance the effectiveness of immunotherapies..
  • “I think in patients who have these serous cavity macrophages expressing high levels of Tim-4, blocking Tim-4 will make immune based therapies more effective,”.
  • Just as people living in different cities might have distinct customs or accents, the macrophages in our bodies can adopt specialized functions and respond to disease differently depending on which tissue they inhabit..
  • Related Stories Previous studies have shown that other immunosuppressed sites in the body, such as the liver and bone, harbor macrophages expressing high levels of Tim-4..
  • Others have shown that macrophages living in the pleural and peritoneal cavities of mice also exhibit a strong Tim-4 signal….

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