Malawi: Malawi Is Taking Steps to Improve Care of Preterm Babies. but Gaps Remain


Sumary of Malawi: Malawi Is Taking Steps to Improve Care of Preterm Babies. but Gaps Remain:

  • Developed in 1978 by Colombian paediatrician Edgar Ray, kangaroo care involves continuous skin-to-skin contact on the mother’s chest to keep the baby warm, increase breastfeeding frequency, and aid in recognising danger signs of illness..
  • Yet, even with this low-cost, low-technology solution, Malawi’s neonatal mortality rates remained the same in 2016 as in 2004..
  • Between May and August 2019, my colleagues and I undertook a study to explore the perspectives and experiences of health workers who work in newborn health with kangaroo mother care in their facilities..
  • Our research revealed that kangaroo mother care is viewed positively and has potential for further routine uptake in striving to eradicate neonatal deaths..
  • It needs investments in technology, staffing and hospital support in the provision of essential items for preterm infant care..
  • Our study was carried out under a project that seeks to integrate neonatal healthcare in Malawi under the auspices of the Innovating for Maternal and Child Health in Africa initiative..
  • Based on the limited number of health workers in neonatal units, 5 to 10 health workers per unit were interviewed in order to draw an effective analysis..
  • Of the 27 health workers interviewed, the general perception of kangaroo mother care was positive for a number of reasons….

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