Managers at centre of nursing college probe ’caused or contributed to’ young woman’ …


Sumary of Managers at centre of nursing college probe ’caused or contributed to’ young woman’s death, mother alleges:

  • Katrina died at the age of 21, succumbing to a bowel obstruction on New Year’s Day 2018 in a hospital room in Victoria..
  • At the time of her death, she was living in a home operated by the Garth Homer Society (GHS), a local non-profit that provides services for people with developmental disabilities..
  • had suspended the nursing licences of Victoria Weber and Euphemia (Phemie) Guttin, both senior managers at GHS, after identifying “serious concerns”.
  • In May 2018, it cancelled its housing contract with GHS, withdrew funding for five residences and removed the society from a list of pre-qualified vendors for residential services, according to a civil claim filed by GHS earlier this spring..
  • Through all of this, Weber and Guttin have kept their jobs in high-level positions at GHS — Guttin as the executive director for service operations and Weber as the senior manager for health services and education..
  • In a written statement this week, the society’s CEO Mitchell Temkin described Katrina Lavery as “a much-valued member of the Garth Homer Society community”.
  • “Because of privacy legislation and because these matters are before the courts, we are unable to share details of her care when she was with the Garth Homer Society..
  • He said Katrina died two months after leaving the society’s care — referring to the period of time she spent in hospital….

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