Many patients self-identify need for pulmonary rehab following COVID-19 hospitalization

Sumary of Many patients self-identify need for pulmonary rehab following COVID-19 hospitalization:

  • In a new study, 30% of patients discharged following COVID-19 hospitalization self-identified the need for pulmonary rehabilitation within 6 months..
  • “Shortly after that, we had guidance from the British Thoracic Society and NHS England on how we could adapt current pulmonary rehabilitation programs to cater for the needs of COVID-19 survivors.”.
  • However, she said, the volume of patients requiring pulmonary rehabilitation following COVID-19 hospitalization is unknown..
  • Daynes and colleagues thus conducted a study to explore the number of patients who self-identify a need for pulmonary rehabilitation following discharge for COVID-19 hospitalization..
  • Patients were asked about ongoing symptoms following discharge and if they experienced any symptoms requiring pulmonary rehabilitation..
  • Thirty-seven percent of patients were deemed not appropriate for pulmonary rehabilitation due to reasons such as discharge to nursing home, transfer out of area or incidental positive COVID-19 test without symptoms..
  • In total, 466 patients (50%) were assessed for ongoing COVID-19 symptoms and rehabilitation needs and 39% of those assessed did not identify a need for rehabilitation..
  • Sixty-one percent (n = 282) of patients assessed did identify need for rehabilitation and were referred to a COVID-19 rehabilitation program, Daynes said….

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