Medical cannabis care in the era of personalised medicine


Sumary of Medical cannabis care in the era of personalised medicine:

  • Yaron Gissin, Chief Innovation Officer of the Sade Group, explores the benefits of individually personalised medicine via digital data and tools..
  • Traditionally, the world of medicine has relied on clinical guidelines based on the results of large randomised controlled clinical trials (RCTs) and meta-analyses that, in theory, are applicable to the average patient..
  • When it comes to medical cannabis, despite growing legalisation, popularity and an ever-increasing demand, standardisation is still in its infancy..
  • The essence of individualised medicine is that the individual patients should receive medications appropriate to their clinical needs, genetic profile, environment and lifestyle, in order to optimise the benefit and minimise the harm..
  • Furthermore, the expansion in the use of electronic health records, IoT, wearables, and mobile applications generate constant data streams that can be utilised endlessly thanks to methodological advancements such as machine learning, AI and natural language processing..
  • Medical cannabis in the era of personalised medicine Many patients seek out medical cannabis treatment, yet, for many physicians, the ability to prescribe feels like a ‘leap in the dark’ – such a mismatch between demand and supply is rare in medicine;.
  • Cannabis offers significant therapeutic benefits for a wide range of conditions – including cancer, chronic pain, Alzheimer disease, depression, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and more – without substantial risks or unmanageable side effects4..
  • As the list of diseases and symptoms in which cannabis shows therapeutic effects constantly grows, the focus should clearly shift from whether cannabis has any therapeutic value, to the development of digital tools and efforts that may optimise medical cannabis treatment..
  • Cannabis contains at least 600 individual compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, all of which work together in synergy to create ‘the entourage effect’ (Ethan B Russo, 2018)..
  • Medical cannabis is the antithesis of the modern one-size-fits-all pharmacopoeia of single-molecule drugs used in medicine today..
  • lack of clinical evidence, lack of research, a plethora of products lacking clarity about what works and what does not, lack of collaboration between required fields of speciality..
  • Our vast experience and unique expertise in both medical cannabis genetics, cultivation and big data analytics have matured to the understanding that in order to advance medical cannabis precision care, a multidisciplinary approach is required;…

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