Middle Ages Misery: Medieval Shoe Trend Brought Bunions


Sumary of Middle Ages Misery: Medieval Shoe Trend Brought Bunions:

  • Researchers inspected foot bones for the bump by the big toe that is the hallmark of hallux valgus, known to millions of sufferers as bunions..
  • That’s likely because shoe style changed significantly during the 14th century, when it shifted from a functional rounded toe box to a lengthy pointed tip..
  • In the 13th and 14th centuries, it was increasingly common for those in clerical orders in Britain to wear stylish clothes — a cause for concern among high-ranking church officials, Mitchell noted..
  • Across late medieval society, the pointiness of shoes became so extreme that in 1463 King Edward IV passed a law limiting toe-point length to less than 2 inches within London…

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