Monsoon Allergies: Types Of Allergies Common During The Season And Ways To Manage Them


Sumary of Monsoon Allergies: Types Of Allergies Common During The Season And Ways To Manage Them:

  • Types Of Monsoon Allergies Commonly termed as the ‘season of allergies,’ the Monsoon season aggravates allergies, which are mostly pollen related..
  • Several skin and eye infections can crop up during the rainy season, such as conjunctivitis, skin rashes, and itching..
  • The dampness and excessive humidity during this rainy season can increase the risk of allergens and the infections and allergies they bring with them [1]..
  • Skin allergies The monsoon season is mainly known for its rise in skin allergies, particularly in localities where pollution levels are very high [2]..
  • It is quite common for clothes and shoes to get wet during the monsoon season, which then becomes a hotbed for allergies..
  • Raincoats, jackets, and gloves made of cheap synthetic material can also cause allergies on coming in contact with the skin, giving rise to fungal infections, especially in the body folds, such as inside the elbows back of the knees [3]..
  • Chemicals called histamines are produced when your body comes into direct contact with allergy triggers like ragweed, pet fur, pollen or dust mites..
  • Hyperpigmentation Another commonly reported monsoon-related allergy is hyperpigmentation, which causes dull, dark patches on the skin, especially the face [4]….

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