More than 20% of Gen Z-ers say they will NOT get a Covid vaccine, survey finds


Sumary of More than 20% of Gen Z-ers say they will NOT get a Covid vaccine, survey finds:

  • Young people report that part of the reason is because there is no public health messaging specifically tailored to them on federal or state websites..
  • And when it comes to information on Instagram and TikTok, accounts dedicated to educating college-aged students are far and few between..
  • However, the low number may also be due to the fact that few states had opened eligibility to young adults at the time..
  • Only 15 percent of young people said they planned to get it the first say they were able to in comparison with nearly 30 percent of Generation X respondents..
  • Some young people have stated they are worried vaccine will affect their fertility, despite this myth being widely debunked, as explained in this post from the Covid Campus Coalition Both Generation Z-ers and public health experts have lamented that there is not a lot of vaccine information, such as this post from Johns Hopkins, on social media platforms geared towards young adults Catriona Fee, a 19-year-old, told STAT News she doesn’t plan to get vaccinated because she is worried she will not be able to get have children in the future…

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