Nadal and Djokovic Prepare to Meet in French Open Semis, But What Makes Their Rivalry So Great?


Sumary of Nadal and Djokovic Prepare to Meet in French Open Semis, But What Makes Their Rivalry So Great?:

  • With his fifth consecutive clay-court triumph over the 18-time Grand Slam champion Novak, Nadal became the first man to win at least 10 titles at four different venues in tennis..
  • However, when it comes to the French Open, the Spaniard has been utterly dominant, garnering a 7-1 lead over Djokovic at the famed Clay Court Slam..
  • On the other hand, Djokovic has been the most dominant player on the hard courts for more than a decade and he has a massive 20-7 lead over the current French Open champion on the surface..
  • Nadal has won 20 Grand Slams to Djokovic’s 18, but the Serb is a year younger to Nadal, who celebrated his 36th birthday just a few days ago during the event in Paris..
  • With nearly nothing to differentiate them as far as shot making, versatility, doggedness, and the hunger to win are concerned, the next few years of their rivalry could possibly decide the fate of the greatest of all time (GOAT) debate in tennis..
  • Both Nadal and Djokovic are trying to get past Federer’s record of Grand Slams which makes it very interesting.”.
  • “Federer on his own is trying to add a couple more Grand Slams in his kitty to make their task more difficult..
  • We are witnessing three of the greatest tennis players chasing history and trying to stay one up on the others,”…

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