Naked mole rats may hold the key to new treatments for cancer, dementia


Sumary of Naked mole rats may hold the key to new treatments for cancer, dementia:

  • Scientists say naked mole rats – a rodent native to West Africa – may hold the key to new treatments for degenerative diseases such as cancer and dementia..
  • The reclusive animals have a lifespan far in excess of other rodents – for example, mice and rats live about two years, whereas naked mole rats can live for 40 or 50 years..
  • Researchers at the University of Bradford say the animals have a unique DNA repair mechanism that enables them to prevent cancers and other degenerative conditions, including dementia..
  • Cancer resistant Naked mole rats are fascinating creatures, not least because they are so long lived compared to other rodents of the same size..
  • They also do not suffer from – what we call in humans – age associated disorders, such as cancer, dementia and neurological decline.”.
  • DNA mutations Prof El-Khamisy, from the University’s Faculty of Life Sciences, is the lead author of a paper, DNA Homeostasis and Senescence:.
  • These mutations lead to the generation of sub-optimal proteins, resulting in inadequate cellular homeostasis and senescence..
  • Related Stories “Which processes show an increased burden as naked mole rats age may identify novel biological targets to mitigate our own degeneration.”…

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