Namibia: Covid-19 Scare Halts Rape Accused Noa’s Bail Hearing


Sumary of Namibia: Covid-19 Scare Halts Rape Accused Noa’s Bail Hearing:

  • The 26-year-old Noa, whose hearing was scheduled to continue yesterday with the State’s case, was informed that his defence lawyer James Diedericks has been placed in isolation while he waits for his Covid-19 laboratory results..
  • In his defence, he indicated that he was not guilty of the allegations as stated by the State as he has taken an oath not to harm any of his patients..
  • On Wednesday, the investigating officer dealing with his case, detective Esther Kawiwa testified that despite laboratory results testing negative for semen, Noa is not yet in the clear..
  • Kawiwa said according to the information at hand, on Sunday 11 April, two witnesses saw Noa wheeling the victim from the head injury ward to the conference room and locking the door behind them..
  • A witness allegedly questioned Noa where he was taking the patient, to which he answered that he was taking him for physiotherapy, which is situated on the ground floor of the building….

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