National Academies Report: Timely Diagnostics can Facilitate New Antimicrobials, Better Stewardship

national academies report timely diagnostics can facilitate new antimicrobials better stewardship

Sumary of National Academies Report: Timely Diagnostics can Facilitate New Antimicrobials, Better Stewardship:

  • Diagnostic testing and determination of antimicrobial susceptibility is a “rate-limiting step” in optimal antibiotic use, according to a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, which calls for hastening development, approval, and access to improved diagnostic technologies.
  • “The Report focuses on an extension of what is currently in place through the 21st Century Cures Act, which has already increased the recognition of some CLSI breakpoints as well as coordination between FDA and manufacturers,” Bard commented.
  • This network of public health laboratories, regional labs, and the National Tuberculosis Molecular Surveillance Center tests pathogens outside the capacity of clinical microbiology laboratories, and extends susceptibility testing for hard-to-treat infections.
  • The committee would like to see the ARLN expand its reach to the CLIA-certified laboratories at major medical centers, which have the infrastructure to offer susceptibility testing as a clinical diagnostic, according to Bard.
  • “ARLN can work with the laboratories to formalize that service for community hospitals and other medical centers that are unable to perform susceptibility testing, particularly for the newer, broad spectrum antibiotics,” Bard said.

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