New adaptable nanoparticle platform enables enhanced delivery of gene therapies


Sumary of New adaptable nanoparticle platform enables enhanced delivery of gene therapies:

  • Scientists have developed polypeptide-based materials that act as effective vectors for delivering gene therapies..
  • The work, led by researchers from RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences and funded by Science Foundation Ireland, is published in Biomaterials Science..
  • The success of the COVID vaccines has established nanoparticles as key to the development of many advanced therapies..
  • The researchers developed a platform that produces bespoke star-shaped polypeptide nanoparticles, which effectively deliver a range of therapies, including gene therapies..
  • They placed these nanomedicines in a scaffold that could be implanted into a defect site and deliver the genetic cargo into infiltrating host cells..
  • The gene-loaded scaffold accelerated bone tissue regeneration, with a six-fold increase in new bone formation compared to a scaffold alone..
  • We have shown that these nanoparticles have real potential to be a game changer in the delivery of gene therapies,”.
  • “While more testing is needed before these therapies can be used clinically, our platform allows us to design our polypeptides to meet a variety of delivery scenarios and provide tailored solutions to gene delivery challenges,”…

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