New cloud technologies expand brain sciences


Sumary of New cloud technologies expand brain sciences:

  • “For example, we’re interested in how neurons compute and allow us to quickly react–it’s a fast response requiring visual attention and motor control..
  • As an expert in vision science, neuroinformatics, brain imaging, computational neuroscience, and data science, Pestilli’s research has advanced the understanding of human cognition and brain networks over the last 15 years..
  • Pestilli likes to compare the brain to the Internet, a powerful set of computers connected by cables simultaneously keeping many windows open and programs running..
  • If the computer is healthy but the cables are not, long range communication between computers in different parts of the brain begins to fail..
  • Pestilli and team are also interested in how biological computations change over longer time periods–such as how does our brain change as we lose our vision?.
  •–The platform scientists need to do the science they want New cloud technologies are becoming necessary to help researchers collaborate, process, visualize, and manage large amounts of data at unprecedented scales..
  • A key aspect of Pestilli’s work started in 2017 when he received a grant from the BRAIN Initiative through the National Science Foundation (NSF) to launch
  • The computing platform provides a full suite of web services to support reproducible research on the cloud….

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