New drug offers hope for MS sufferers on World Brain Day

new drug offers hope for ms sufferers on world brain day

Sumary of New drug offers hope for MS sufferers on World Brain Day:

  • © iStock/koto_feja As medical experts urgently call for action to tackle MS, one company has developed a drug it believes can treat the condition by repairing nervous system damage.
  • ” Backed by 30 years of research The treatment was developed following over 30 years of pioneering medical research with the aim of determining the key element to repairing nervous system damage and restoring lost function.
  • The work was carried out by award-winning American neuroscientist Dr Jerry Silver, who has now licensed the technology to NervGen.
  • NervGen claims that the drug has the potential to address nervous system damage in a range of debilitating medical indications, whether caused by trauma or chronic disease.
  • Dr Silver has been working on this unique approach to nerve rejuvenation biotechnology since the early 90s, by focusing on a protein called CSPG that inhibits the body’s natural ability to repair and regenerate damage to the nervous system.
  • After years of thorough research, Dr Silver now believes he has found the solution to curtailing the activity of these CSPG molecules, thus promoting the regeneration of damaged nerves.
  • It involves neutralising a certain receptor called tyrosine phosphatase sigma (PTPσ) that prevents healing in the scar tissue.
  • For years, Dr Silver focussed his energies on spinal cord injury research, where he demonstrated unprecedented results in animal models using earlier iterations of NVG-291, dramatically improving both motor function and sensory function.

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