New technology can pave the way for development of long-acting drugs

new technology can pave the way for development of long acting drugs

Sumary of New technology can pave the way for development of long-acting drugs:

  • The technology, consisting of a designed variant of a natural occurring protein called super albumin, can pave the way for the development of long-acting drugs.
  • When an injury or hole occurs in a blood vessel, the body quickly begins to stop the bleeding by a process called coagulation or clotting.
  • Hemophilia can have different levels of severity, but the severe variant is most common, with approximately one case per 10,000. It is caused by the body’s reduced ability or inability to produce one of several so-called coagulation factors.
  • This is due to the fact that tailor-made medicines have been developed using biotechnological methods.
  • A major challenge is that the coagulation factors have a very short duration of action in the bloodstream, which means that the medicine must be given frequently.
  • Even so, medical advances have led to the otherwise short-acting drugs being redesigned so that they are broken down somewhat more slowly in the body.
  • Super albumin technology can be used to develop long-acting drugs Related StoriesProlonged duration of action means that you can take the medicine less often and still have an even level of the coagulation factor in the blood over time.
  • Our research group has developed a unique biomedical technology that can be used to create coagulation factors with a significantly longer duration of action than what is the case today.

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