No link between genetic risk factor and severe Covid among South Asians: Study


Sumary of No link between genetic risk factor and severe Covid among South Asians: Study:

  • The major genetic risk factor for Covid-19 severity in European population may not increase the susceptibility to the disease among South Asians, according to a study that used data from India and Bangladesh..
  • An earlier research done on European population suggested variations in a specific segment of DNA, or genetic material, is strongly associated with severe Covid-19 infection and hospitalisation..
  • The finding, published in the journal Scientific Reports on Friday, concluded that the genetic variants responsible for Covid-19 severity among Europeans may not play a role in disease susceptibility among South Asians..
  • “In this study, we have compared infection and case fatality rates with South Asian genomic data over three different timelines during the pandemic..
  • A dedicated genome-wide association study on South Asian Covid-19 patients is the need of time for us in the Asian sub-continent,”.
  • The research also suggests that the genetic variants correlated with Covid-19 outcomes differ significantly among caste and tribal populations of Bangladesh….

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