Nose-to-brain: Nasal delivery of biopharmaceuticals to the brain


Sumary of Nose-to-brain: Nasal delivery of biopharmaceuticals to the brain:

  • In this case, special protective mechanisms such as the blood-brain barrier do protect the brain and ensure that foreign substances including therapeutic agents can only reach the brain with great difficulty and to a significantly reduced extent..
  • One example is the treatment of multiple sclerosis, a major driver of neurological disability already in young age with high socioeconomic impact..
  • Gentle form of administration for biopharmaceuticals through the nose For this reason, the EU-funded joint project “N2B-patch”.
  • was launched in January 2017, in which an international consortium of eleven partners coordinated by Fraunhofer IGB set itself the task of proving a more efficient, alternative option for the therapy of multiple sclerosis..
  • At the same time, we have grown close in the consortium, and long-term partnerships have emerged that will certainly last long beyond this project – not something to be taken for granted.”.
  • Future platform technology for a wide range of indications Related Stories The novel delivery system is so promising that a patent application is to be filed shortly..
  • Since the novel system is designed to be flexible, the method may also be used in the future as a potential platform technology for other CNS diseases – for example, for the therapy of strokes and Alzheimer’s disease – or even for specific cancers..
  • The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) closely accompanied the project as a partner throughout the entire duration and thus regularly involved those affected through events, campaigns or interviews…

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