Nucleosome breathing from atomistic time snapshots


Sumary of Nucleosome breathing from atomistic time snapshots:

  • These cell conversions are hallmarks of development and disease, but are also often used in regenerative therapies..
  • Understanding how such transitions occur may contribute to understanding diseases and optimizing therapeutical cell type conversions..
  • Over the past years, the methods have become so accurate that researchers started referring to them as a computational nanoscope;.
  • Jan Huertas and Vlad Cojocaru, supported by Hans Schöler from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine (Münster, Germany), generated multiple real-time movies of the movements of nucleosomes, each covering one microsecond from the nucleosome lifetime..
  • Using these movies, they monitored how the nucleosomes open and close in a motion known as nucleosome breathing..
  • In their new paper, published in PLOS Computational Biology, Huertas and Cojocaru describe what causes nucleosome breathing….

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