Number of GP appointments with an actual doctor drops below 50% for first time this year

number of gp appointments with an actual doctor drops below 50 for first time this year

Sumary of Number of GP appointments with an actual doctor drops below 50% for first time this year:

  • This is even lower in some parts of the country where less than one in three patients are actually seeing a qualified doctors when they go to the GP, with practices in Lincolnshire, Essex and Norfolk the worst performers.
  • Even though there were 2million more GP appointments in October than the previous month, figures show that only 47 per cent were with a qualified doctor, the lowest level since October last year, during the pandemic.
  • Nurses, pharmacy assistants, physiotherapists and even acupuncturists are now seeing more patients combined than GPs.
  • The same figures show that nearly four in 10 consultations (35.6 per cent) were still not-in-person in October despite health secretary Sajid Javid issuing a stark warning to practices to get back to pre-pandemic levels, when over 80 per cent were face to face.
  • Lincolnshire recorded the lowest proportion of appointments with a qualified doctor with only 32.6 per cent of total patient interactions being with a GP.
  • Regionally, the North East and Yorkshire was the worst in the country for GP appointments with doctors, with only 41.6 per cent of them with a qualified GP, this was followed by the East of England (43.1 per cent), the South West (43.3 per cent), the Midlands (47.3 per cent), the North West (48.5 per cent), and the South East (49.3 per cent).
  • Patients in the Herts Valleys are of west Hertfordshire were the most likely to see a doctor when visiting their GP in England, with 59.6 per cent of appointments.
  • In 2012 the average GP worked 7.3 sessions a week but this has now fallen to 6.6 a week, the equivalent of just over three days of work a week.

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