Obesity increases cardiometabolic risks, even with healthy metabolic markers


Sumary of Obesity increases cardiometabolic risks, even with healthy metabolic markers:

  • People with obesity and a healthy metabolic profile have a higher risk for heart failure and respiratory disease compared with adults without obesity, according to a study published in Diabetologia..
  • Frederick Ho, PhD, a research associate in the Institute of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, said adults with obesity must engage in weight management, regardless of their cardiometabolic health markers..
  • “Obesity is a condition that could lead to multiple severe diseases, even among those who have normal metabolic profile,”.
  • Participants were included in the study if they were not underweight and had complete height, weight, blood pressure and blood-based biomarker data..
  • BP, C-reactive protein, triacylglycerols, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and HbA1c were the six metabolic markers used to define metabolic health..
  • Participants were considered metabolically healthy if they met healthy criteria in at least four of six biomarkers..
  • Metabolically healthy obesity increases risks After adjusting for sociodemographic and lifestyle factors, adults who were metabolically healthy with obesity had a higher risk for incident diabetes (HR = 4.32;.
  • The metabolically healthy obesity group also had a higher all-cause mortality rate compared with the metabolically healthy cohort without obesity (HR = 1.22;…

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