Pandemic has left backlog of almost 16 million medical procedures in Ontario, doctors say


Sumary of Pandemic has left backlog of almost 16 million medical procedures in Ontario, doctors say:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has left an estimated backlog of 15.9 million surgeries, diagnostic exams, screenings and other medical procedures that should otherwise have been performed in Ontario, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) says..
  • That averages out to more than one missed medical procedure per Ontario resident, said OMA president Dr. Adam Kassam in an online media briefing on Wednesday..
  • “But three significant waves of infection have created a lengthy backlog of surgeries, diagnostic exams and other health-care procedures.”.
  • MRIs (477,301) CT scans (269,683) Cataract surgeries (90,136) Knee replacements (38,263) Hip replacements (16,506) Coronary bypass surgery (3,163) These estimates are in addition to the number of people who were already on waiting lists prior to the pandemic, the OMA said..
  • That method should give a fairly accurate estimate, Kassam said, because there’s no reason that the number of people requiring medical attention for non-COVID medical conditions would have declined year-over-year..
  • “Many people have not yet seen their doctors during this pandemic and may have conditions we actually don’t yet know about.”.
  • said Dr. Sohal Goyal, a family physician and chair of the Mississauga Halton Primary Care Network, who spoke at the OMA briefing..
  • Dr. Sohal Goyal, a family physician in Mississauga, Ont., wants patients to know that primary care facilities are open and patients shouldn’t hesitate to book preventative screenings as well as check-ins for chronic conditions such as diabetes….

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