Pandemic-related cultural peer support group benefits Asian Americans


Sumary of Pandemic-related cultural peer support group benefits Asian Americans:

  • A cultural-based peer support group appeared to benefit Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to study findings presented at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting..
  • Eunice Yuen, M.D., PhD, of Yale School of Medicine Child Study Center, said about the Yale Compassionate Home, Action Together (CHATogether) intervention during a press briefing..
  • Yuen and colleagues sought to evaluate whether the Yale CHATogether intervention could offer an effective peer support group model for its participants during the COVID-19 pandemic..
  • The intervention initially aimed to assist Asian American families in bolstering their communication skills to improve mental wellness via theater vignettes but became a pandemic-related peer support group..
  • Its members partake in weekly check-in meetings in which they co-construct child-parent conflict vignettes that incorporate their personal experiences, with a focus on working through internal conflicts and achieving a sense of agency through positive contributions to address these problems..
  • Yuen and colleagues evaluated peer support outcomes using a qualitative focus group analysis among 10 participants who were in the group since the pandemic began..
  • Preliminary results showed the intervention positively affected participants’ mental health and well-being in four significant ways, which were as follows:.
  • it provided a safe and supportive environment that strengthened members’ connections and increased their sense of belonging, thus encouraging engagement;.
  • it provided structural consistency and stability via regular meetings and consistent group functions, with weekly meetings having allowed for a sense of control and hope during the uncertainty of the pandemic lockdown;.
  • adapting meetings to virtual platforms led to group members showing inherent benefits linked to a growth mindset and cognitive flexibility when addressing challenges;…

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