Pandemic’s mitigation efforts may have contributed to drop in clinical trial completion rates

Sumary of Pandemic’s mitigation efforts may have contributed to drop in clinical trial completion rates:

  • Social distancing and lockdowns may have reduced the spread of COVID-19, but researchers from Penn State College of Medicine also report those actions may have affected clinical researchers’ ability to finish trials..
  • Study completion rates dropped worldwide between 13% and 23%, depending on the type of research sponsor and geographic location, between April and October 2020..
  • Researchers previously reported that more than 80% of clinical trials suspended between March 1 and April 26, 2020, noted the pandemic as their chief reason for halting activity..
  • Arthur Berg, associate professor of public health sciences, and Nour Hawila, a biostatistics doctoral candidate, investigated how these trends may have affected the completion of clinical trials..
  • The researchers examined more than 117,000 trials in the United States, Europe, Asia and other regions to study whether the pandemic affected clinical research..
  • Their goal was to assess how the pandemic’s mitigation efforts and financial setbacks may have contributed to decreased clinical trial enrollment and completion..
  • The pandemic has made it more difficult for researchers to recruit and follow up on patients in clinical trials..
  • Hawila and Berg analyzed data from, a website that contains information on the status of thousands of clinical trials in the U.S..
  • Related Stories According to researchers, the pandemic reduced the number of new interventional clinical trial submissions to by about 10%..
  • Clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical, biotechnology and therapeutic companies were more likely to complete enrollment….

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