Patients get stranded out of network as insurer-hospital contract talks fall apart

patients get stranded out of network as insurer hospital contract talks fall apart

Sumary of Patients get stranded out of network as insurer-hospital contract talks fall apart:

  • Azzopardi, 47, went home after a couple of days in the hospital, feeling better.
  • 3, Wellstar Health System was no longer in the giant insurer’s network, after the two sides did not agree on a new contract.
  • She has applied to UnitedHealthcare for a “continuity of care” waiver, which would extend her previous in-network coverage for the treatment of an ongoing condition for the October hospital visit and surgery.
  • On a larger level, the severed contract between a hospital system and health insurer reflects tensions that have been growing nationally this year.
  • In the past, even when contract negotiations became publicly antagonistic, they typically would be resolved before the deadline for termination.
  • Now health care consultants and industry officials say an increasing number of contracts end without a deal.
  • UnitedHealthcare situation — and an even bigger dispute looming in metro Atlanta involving Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield — come at a tricky time, during open enrollment season when many employers have already picked their insurance offerings and many consumers must choose their health plan.
  • “We are seeing more insurers terminate contracts without a deal, and this is both a national and local trend,” said Beth Spoto, a Georgia-based health care consultant with Spoto &

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