Problematic Gut Microbes Hitch a Ride With Travelers


Sumary of Problematic Gut Microbes Hitch a Ride With Travelers:

  • June 11, 2021 — Travelers returning home from foreign destinations are bringing back more than tourist souvenirs and memories..
  • These new findings, published online June 7 in Genome Medicine, stand out because the researchers captured the fecal microbiome profile of the travelers before they departed and immediately upon their return..
  • For this work, researchers profiled stool samples from 190 people traveling from their home bases in the Netherlands to areas in Northern and Eastern Africa and Southern and Southeastern Asia..
  • Immediately upon their return from their journeys, which were mostly taken for leisure, the same individuals provided an additional stool sample..
  • Analyses of those samples showed many new microbiota arrivals along with their traveling human hosts, including 56 gene sequences associated with antibiotic resistance..
  • The study did not examine whether these acquired microbes are associated with the risk of developing human disease said study author Gautam Dantas, PhD, a professor of pathology and immunology at Washington University School of Medicine in St..
  • He and his colleagues also did not evaluate what happens to the new gut residents after travelers settle in back at home..
  • Dantassaid.”Who knows, maybe one week later, half of these things are gone, maybe a year later all of them are gone…we don’t have that answer yet.”…

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