Provider biases may be ‘undermining’ PrEP access

Sumary of Provider biases may be ‘undermining’ PrEP access:

  • November 14, 2021 1 min read Source/Disclosures Published by: Disclosures: Calabrese reports receiving compensation for efforts in developing and/or delivering medical education related to PrEP and receiving partial financial support from Gilead Sciences to attend a research conference.
  • Back to Healio A survey revealed systematic biases against people who inject drugs among primary and HIV care providers that may impact patients’ access to PrEP according to a study in AIDS and Behavior.
  • 2021;doi:10.1007/s10461-021-03495-3. “Additionally, we believed the data from this study could help to inform future PrEP trainings for providers,” Calabrese said.
  • Calabrese and colleagues surveyed 370 primary and HIV care providers, asking them to review a fictitious medical record of a patient seeking PrEP, with records varying by patient race and risk behaviors, including men who have sex with men, men who have sex with women or men who inject drugs.
  • “Providers judged the man who injected drugs more harshly than the patients with sexual risks, perceiving him as less responsible and less likely to adhere to PrEP, and these adverse judgments were indirectly linked to lower intention to prescribe for him,” Calabrese said.
  • Compared with other forms of social bias, bias against people who inject drugs may be a form of bias to which providers are less attuned, Calabrese said.
  • Additionally, the study demonstrated that there were limited biases based on sexual orientation and no evidence of biases based on race.
  • “As human beings, we are all vulnerable to social biases, and health care providers are no exception.

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