Q&A: Physicians can ease ‘great anxiety’ surrounding puberty in girls


Sumary of Q&A: Physicians can ease ‘great anxiety’ surrounding puberty in girls:

  • Those concerns were more pronounced in parents whose children had autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, ADHD and nonverbal status, Y..
  • In an interview with Healio Primary Care, Fei discussed how to address parent and patient concerns, when hormonal suppression therapies are appropriate, when to refer patients to a specialist, and more..
  • Can you talk about the most common concerns among caregivers of prepubescent girls with developmental disabilities?.
  • Parents are often worried that periods are going to happen immediately when they start to notice pubertal changes, and it can be reassuring to know they probably have a couple of years to prepare..
  • We usually recommend that caregivers start teaching girls about menstrual periods and practice wearing pads or period underwear before periods start so they can get used to the feeling..
  • This is for girls who start pubertal transition earlier than age 8 years and we can give them medications to pause puberty temporarily..
  • If they start puberty too early, they may not be able to grow as tall or bones become as strong as they need to be..
  • We almost never start hormones before girls at least have a few periods to see how they do, since their periods often are not as bad as caregivers fear….

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