Reprocessing therapy may reduce chronic back pain

reprocessing therapy may reduce chronic back pain

Sumary of Reprocessing therapy may reduce chronic back pain:

  • Back to Healio Changing patients’ pain-related beliefs via psychological treatment appeared to offer them durable relief for chronic back pain, according to results of a randomized clinical trial published in JAMA Psychiatry.
  • “[Pain reprocessing therapy (PRT)] emphasizes that the brain actively constructs primary chronic pain in the absence of tissue damage and that reappraising the causes and threat value of pain can reduce or eliminate it.
  • ” Source: Adobe Stock The researchers sought to determine whether PRT could alter patients’ beliefs surrounding the causes and threat value of pain and thus offer significant and lasting relief from primary chronic back pain.
  • Ashar and colleagues compared PRT with an open-label placebo treatment and with usual care among a community sample.
  • Treatment incorporated cognitive, somatic and exposure-based techniques, with the aim of helping patients see their pain as related to non-dangerous brain activity instead of peripheral tissue injury.
  • Participants randomly assigned to placebo (n = 51) received an open-label subcutaneous saline injection in the back, and those randomly assigned to usual care (n = 50) maintained routine, ongoing care.
  • Main outcomes and measures included 1-week mean back pain intensity score from zero to 10 after treatment, pain beliefs and functional MRI assessments of evoked pain and resting connectivity.

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