Research program aims to make digitalization part of every-day patient care


Sumary of Research program aims to make digitalization part of every-day patient care:

  • But how can digital tools be integrated into healthcare processes, and how should data be visualized to personalize patient care?.
  • Data-driven medicine and innovative digital tools are on the verge of complementing existing healthcare procedures and change the way patients, healthcare providers, and researchers will work together in the near future..
  • New digital patient-centered healthcare services will address the patients’ needs, continuously monitor and accompany individual patient journeys, and support healthcare providers in making clinical decisions..
  • Its application in medicine has an enormous potential to reduce disease burden, improve healthcare and generate new solutions and services..
  • “We want to understand how patient-centered, personalized healthcare technologies can be tailored to patient needs and integrated into the existing healthcare structures and procedures,”.
  • says Prof Dr Klucken, “We believe that shaping the rising age of digitalization in medicine requires the development of new evaluation methods.”.
  • From these first experiences, the use of other patient-centered digital tools, including wearable sensors and smartphone apps, will be evaluated and integrated into the management of the everyday healthcare process..
  • Thus, not only patients and caregivers, but also doctors, therapists and professional care providers are warmly welcomed to participate in shaping and evaluating new digitally-supported integrated healthcare management processes….

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