Researchers advance 3D printing to aid tissue replacement


Sumary of Researchers advance 3D printing to aid tissue replacement:

  • Professor Arda Gozen looks to a future someday in which doctors can hit a button to print out a scaffold on their 3-D printers and create custom-made replacement skin, cartilage, or other tissue for their patients..
  • Gozen, George and Joan Berry associate professor in the Washington State University School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and a team of researchers have developed a unique scaffolding material for engineered tissues that can be fine-tuned for the tricky business of growing natural tissue..
  • In recent decades, researchers have been working to use biological material in 3D printing to create tissue or organs for patients recovering from injury or disease..
  • Using 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, makes it possible to print complex, porous, and personalized structures and could allow doctors someday to print out tissue for a patient’s particular body and needs..
  • “The success of this method in manufacturing functional tissues relies heavily on how well the fabricated structures mimic the native tissues,”.
  • “If you want to grow cells and turn them into functional tissue, you need to match the mechanical environment of the native tissue.”…

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