Researchers launch study testing body sensor that will monitor COVID patients’ vital signs rem …


Sumary of Researchers launch study testing body sensor that will monitor COVID patients’ vital signs remotely:

  • The University of Illinois Health system has teamed up with PhysIQ, a digital medicine start-up to create artificial intelligence (AI) that people ill with COVID-19 could wear, which would track vital signs including oxygen levels and heart rates..
  • Doctors will be watching the signs remotely and can contact the patients if the system show that something is wrong, and tell them to get to a hospital..
  • If a patient has oxygen levels or heart rate that differ from normal, the patch will send data to the smartphone, which will alert doctors..
  • ‘It’s an enormous benefit,’ Dr Terry Vanden Hoek, head of emergency medicine at University of Illinois Health told MIT Technology Review..
  • This is what happened with Angela Mitchell, 59, who tested positive for COVID-19 in July 2020 while working as a pharmacy technician at the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago..
  • Mitchell told MIT Technology Review that she cold either quarantine at a hotel or she could isolate at home and be given the patch to be monitored 24/7, and she chose the latter..
  • ‘I was sitting in the bathroom literally holding on to the sink when my phone rang,’ Mitchell told MIT Technology Review..
  • The call was from clinicians at the hospital who had been remotely monitoring her vital signs via the patch she was wearing….

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